New Blackboard Feature for Fall 2013: Test Options Per Student

New Blackboard Features for Fall 2013Blackboard has released new features and tools that are available for the Fall 2013 semester. This post is the third in a series that explores each new feature. You can find links to all posts in this series at the bottom of the page.

If you have questions about any of the new features or Blackboard in general, get in touch with any member of the Instructional Design team. We are happy to go over them with you!

Test Options Per Student

When instructors create tests and quizzes in Blackboard, there is now the option to add exceptions for certain students or groups of students. These exceptions allow for settings and rules that only apply to those students, while the standard settings continue to apply to the rest of the class. This allows you to customize:

  • When the test is available to certain students or groups
  • How many testing attempts they have
  • How long they have to complete the exam

This feature is helpful for students that may require testing accommodations due to physical or learning disabilities. This feature can also be used to provide individual testing opportunities to students who had technical difficulties during their initial attempt as well as students that have exam scheduling conflicts.

You can find these settings under the Test Options menu, which you will see whenever you add a test to a content area.

The exception option allows you to define exam settings that only apply to certain students in your class.
The exception option allows you to define exam settings that only apply to certain students in your class.

We do have a few recommendations for setting test exceptions:

  • If any one student in the course needs to access an exam, the link to that exam must be available.
  • If you need to hide the exam from the majority of the class, you can do this by setting the availability dates on the main Test Options menu to before the current date. You can then add select users or groups to the Test Availability Exceptions area and change the availability dates or settings for just those select students.

Contact the ID Team if you need help setting this up.