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Service Learning

Spring 2018 Service Learning Courses:

  • Communication 387: Public Relations Cases and Campaigns (Smith)
  • Communication 407: Public Relations Management (Cutler)
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders 203: Language Development (Bitteti)
  • Marketing 401-21: Marketing Research (Pierce)
  • Social Work 160: Introduction to Social Work (all)

Fall 2017 Service Learning Courses:

  • Business 303 (Honors): Ethical and Legal Environment of Business (Plump)
  • Communication 407: Public Relations Management (Cutler)
  • Marketing 401-21: Marketing Research (Pierce)
  • Social Work 160: Introduction to Social Work (Cummings)

Spring 2017 Service Learning Courses:

  • Business 303 21 and 22: Ethical and Legal Environment of Business (Plump)
  • Communication 356: Online Journalism (Collins)
  • Communication 407: Public Relations Management (Cutler)
  • Leadership and Global Understanding 400: Leadership and Global Understanding Capstone (Allen)
  • Marketing 401: Marketing Research (Pierce)

Fall 2016 Service Learning Courses:

  • Business 303: Ethical and Legal Environment of Business (McDonald)
  • Leadership and Global Understanding 200: Introduction to Leadership and Global Understanding (Allen and Vogel)

What Service Learning is:

Service learning is a teaching and learning strategy that provides students with the opportunity to practice, perform, and observe the theories and practical applications of academic course content through service in the community.  The service learning experience is processed through structured and on-going reflection through a mix of writing, reading, speaking, and listening, individually and in groups.  Service learning is most effective when there is a sustained commitment throughout the semester and when the service experience addresses community-identified needs.

The service learning program at La Salle supports the development of service learning courses by sponsoring faculty cohorts, creating and sustaining community partnerships, and through independent programming.

What Service Learning is not:

Service learning is sometimes confused with volunteering or community service, however they differ in important ways. Service learning is designed to simultaneously meet course-specific educational goals and community-identified needs, in contrast to community service which tends to focus more on the latter.

Service learning is not a stand-alone activity or an “add-on” to a course; its goals are inextricably connected to course content and are intended to bring subject matter to life in ways that are difficult to achieve inside of the classroom.

Service learning is also confused at times with other forms of community service, such as internships and practicum assignments. While all may involve service, service learning differs in that its focus is not on building skills for the purpose of developing professional skills or training for a particular career.

How is service learning distinct from other types of community-based learning?


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