A graphic describing the instructional design team's servicesThe Instructional Design Team can help you:

  • Get started with the Canvas Learning Management System
  • Build your course and integrate new technology tools
  • Organize your course to help students stay on track
  • Build activities that facilitate a variety of assessment methods
  • Help you create video and audio resources

Check out the following pages for more information:

Nick Gogno
Director, Instructional Design

Nick joined the ID Team in November 2012. As a La Salle alumnus, he feels strongly that Lasallian values are integral to all instruction at the University and works to ensure that the cultural identity of La Salle is integrated into instructional design projects.

Alicia Sinha-Thomas

Instructional Designer

Alicia joined the La Salle ID Team in December 2016. Before becoming an Instructional Designer, Alicia was a Graphic/Multimedia Designer and utilizes her creative experience in developing training simulations and course content towards building engaging, comprehensive learning experiences.

Erica Sterling-Bush
Instructional Designer

Erica joined the ID Team in March 2019. A graduate of La Salle’s Instructional Technology Management program, she likes to utilize the web, technology and multimedia to drive digital innovation and transformation in higher education.