After the classrooms in College Hall were upgraded to touchscreen monitors this summer, Dr. Joshua Buch discovered a great opportunity to improve the way that he reviews example problems with his Finance students.

In the 3-minute video below, Dr. Buch demonstrates how he uses the touchscreen, a stylus pen, and the “inking” functionality of Microsoft Office applications to solve problems in class.

There are quite a few advantages to Dr. Buch’s use of the touchscreens as a digital whiteboard:

  • Because all of his work is being done on the classroom computer monitor, it makes it easier for him to switch between his PowerPoint slides, the electronic data tables, and the solutions to his example problems.
  • Previously Dr. Buch found that he would run out of room on the white board and would have to erase his previous work. Now, because all of the work is digital, he no longer has to erase anything which saves time and is helpful when students have questions or ask to re-review the solution.
  • He can easily and quickly share electronic copies of the problems that he solves with his students by saving these documents and posting them to Blackboard.

Are there ways that you could utilize the touchscreen monitors as a digital whiteboard for your classes? Are you interested in learning more about using the touchscreens for your instruction? Contact any member of the Instructional Design team! We’d love to hear your ideas and share them with the La Salle community.