Adding Video Content to Your Course

Ever see a video on a website and wish you could just put it right into your Blackboard course? You can, and Blackboard makes it easy!

You could, of course, just a provide link to the video. However, embedding content directly into your Blackboard course increases interactivity and provides another way for students to engage with the concepts in your course.

Embedding YouTube and NBC Learn Content
The Build Content action item in Blackboard provides easy content integration from both YouTube and NBC Learn. You don’t even need to know the title of the video because both resources allow you to search by topic or title.

This video demonstrates how to embed YouTube content.

If you’ve created your own YouTube content and have made it public, you can add that content with this method as well. If you’d like add NBC Learn content, this video demonstrates how.

Embedding Content from Other Places
Perhaps you’ve found a video on a site, like Vimeo, and want to embed this into your course. Even though this site isn’t one of the options in Build Content, you can still put these videos into your course in just a few steps.  All you need is the embed code, which is usually indicated by a button or box labeled “share.”

This video demonstrates how to grab the embed code and insert it into your course.

Once last tip:
Keep in mind that shorter videos are more likely to be viewed. Think about it this way: if you had two instructional videos and one was only 2 minutes in length and one was 10 minutes in length – which one would you choose?

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