Snow in the Forecast? Canvas can help keep things going!

You can use Canvas as a way to keep students engaged in your course, even if you can’t meet face-to-face. Come to one of our Snow Days Solutions workshops to pick up some tips and techniques for keeping your course on track. In both workshops, we’ll discuss ways to use Announcements, Discussions, and Pages to keep […]

Incorporating Checkpoints to Increase Engagement (#NEELC14)

On November 6, the Instructional Design team attended the day-long Northeast E-Learning Consortium Conference at Villanova’s Conference Center. This year’s theme focused on student engagement. The sessions included strategies and ideas for engaging today’s diverse students across a variety of course formats (traditional face-to-face classes, synchronous online class meetings, asynchronous online experiences, teleconference classes, and even gamified learning experiences).  This is the second post in […]

Thinking about incorporating videos in your courses?

Consider writing a script before you start recording. Taking a bit of time to plan out what you’ll say helps you create better videos and, believe it or not, will save you time. Really! How does scripting help you create better videos?  Scripts help you sound more professional, as they help you eliminate the “ums” […]