Blackboard Course Copy Issue for Packaged Content

In an effort to clean up the Course Copy process, Blackboard has changed the way that the tool functions. In the past, all files that were stored in the Course Files area were included in a course copy. This created extra copies of files, many of which were no longer actually used in the course, to be copied into the new course(s).

For most courses, the files linked on Content pages are the only files used in the course, so this Course Copy change will not affect them.

For courses that contain packaged content, this change in Course Copy will cause those packaged files to not be copied into the new course. Examples of packaged content include-

  • Adobe Presenter presentations
  • PowerPoint presentations saved as HTML
  • iSpring presentations
  • Custom HTML pages that reference other files stored in the course files area

Blackboard acknowledges that this change is problematic for instructors who use this type of content and they are planning to revise the Course Copy process in a later release.

If your course uses packaged content, we recommend that you do the following before using Course Copy for your Summer courses-

Option 1
Rebuild your Summer course from a blank shell, do not use Course Copy. This will ensure that all files that are needed are added to the course. As always, test that the content is working properly for student access.

Option 2
The instructions below are a workaround, however, it is not a guarantee that all files will be copied and work properly. If this option is used, the instructor must do extensive testing to ensure that all content in the course is working properly for student access.

In the course containing the content that needs to be copied, add an HTML file at the root level of the course-

  1. Go to Course Files tool and click “Create HTML Object”. Give the file a name (ex. HTMLPage) and click Submit.
  2. Create a file link on a Content page (ex. Course Information) that points to the HTML file.
  3. Ensure that the Manage Access options are set to the default option of “Give users access to all files and folders in the folder”. This will force link all files in the course to the HTML content item and all files will copy.
  4. Use Course Copy to copy the content to the new course.
  5. After the copy process is complete, check the Course Files area in the new course to ensure that all files copied. The HTML page that was added to the content page can be removed, or hidden from student view.
  6. Test all files added to content pages as both an instructor and a student to ensure that all files were copied and are accessible.