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by Sherri Place & Jessica Morris

The Instructional Design team knows that La Salle faculty have been very busy this fall! We’ve had the privilege of partnering with many faculty as they’ve built their courses, and have had the good fortune to see the diverse ways in which faculty are using Canvas to support their courses.

Here are just a few examples that of the wonderful things faculty are doing in their courses.

Creating Custom Home Pages

Dr. David Cichowicz wanted to make it easy for his General Chemistry students to find the resources they’ll need for his face-to-face course. Using the rich content editor’s table creator and a few images, he designed a navigation menu that allows students to jump right into the resources they need.

Dr. Cichowicz’s home page for General Chemistry.


Dr. Jennifer Kleinow created a home page for her Introduction to Language and Communication students that provides quick access to each of the learning modules in her online course. Like David, she used the rich content editor’s table creator and inserted images to build her links to specific modules.

Dr. Kleinow’s Introduction to Language and Communication home page.


Interested in creating your own custom course home page? Sign up for Building Awe-Inspiring Homepages in Canvas on Wednesday, October 1 or Wednesday, November 12 from 1pm-2pm in Olney 101. Can’t make it to the workshop? Get in touch with the ID Team and we’d be happy to meet with you one-on-one.

Using Multimedia to Engage Learners

Dr. Greg Bruce uses the rich content editor’s embedding tools to provide a variety of video-based resources for students in his hybrid Self Assessment for Leadership course. His short videos welcome students to the topics for that week and provide key information for working through that week’s module.

Introductory videos in MBA 810.


In Intermediate Financial Accounting, Dr. Jeannie Welsh records solutions to problems and then posts the videos in her weekly modules for her students to review. Even though students work through the problems in class, Jeannie finds that these videos support students by giving them the opportunity to review her explanations as many times as they need in order to fully understand the concepts.

Recorded solutions in ACC 201.


Want to learn how to incorporate more multimedia into your Canvas course? Sign up for Multiple Uses for Multimedia in Canvas Workshop on Wednesday, October 8 or Wednesday, November 19 from 1pm-2pm in Olney 101.

Can’t make it to the workshop? Get in touch with the ID Team and we’d be happy to meet with you one-on-one.

Guiding Students with Modules and Pages

Allison Trimarco-White adapted the ID Team’s sample template for her Fund Development course. Since this course is completely online, Allison needs to provide a lot of detail so students know what to do each week. She chunks her material by week and topic, and then uses Pages to provide details about the topics and expectations.

Examples of Modules in NPL 620.


Like Allison, Dr. William Weaver uses Modules and Pages to guide his students through the materials and activities for his online Collaborative Software Development course. Because Canvas Modules allow Bill to sequence activities, he can create a very clear guide that helps students stay focused and on track. As students work through the modules, they see check marks indicating the completion of each piece.

Examples of Modules in ISBT 312.


Student view of a completed Module in ISBT-312.

Keeping Students on Track with the Syllabus

Even though Pres Feden teaches a face-to-face course, he still posts key events, assignment details, and due dates to Canvas. As a result, the Syllabus area of his Canvas course automatically provides students with a great resource that maps out their requirements for the entire semester. Each blue link shown below takes them to more information, such as assignment expectations or information about the upcoming reading. Each time students log into the course, Canvas will also remind them about any upcoming assignments for this course.

The Canvas Syllabus for Dr. Feden's course: The Art and Science of Teaching
The Canvas Syllabus for Dr. Feden’s course: The Art and Science of Teaching


Dr. Feden’s use of Canvas tools gives students many great resources for staying on top of this 6-credit class.

Want to learn how to leverage Canvas tools for your face-to-face classes? Sign up for the workshop on Using Canvas’s Grading Tools for Face-To-Face Classes on Wednesday, September 17 or Wednesday, October 22 from 1pm-2pm in Olney 101.

Can’t make it to the workshop? Get in touch with the ID Team and we’d be happy to meet with you one-on-one.

How are you using Canvas?

We want to hear from you and would love to share your ideas, tips, and successes here on our blog, 1900!

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