Jody Seutter teaches a traditional face-to-face course in the History department: Themes in American History. Yet, Jody also utilizes many different features and tools in Canvas to support his instruction. Jody very kindly agreed to meet with me to record a guided video tour of a few features of his course.

In the video below, Jody shares how he uses the Canvas system and how it benefits both him and his students. We take a look at how he implements the following strategies:

  • Building a custom homepage that directs students to key areas of the course
  • Posting announcements for communication with students between classes
  • Using periodic online assignments to assess students’ comprehension of course topics and whether they are staying on track
  • Leveraging Canvas tools to share grading information and performance feedback with students

If you would like to incorporate any of these ideas into your courses, contact the Instructional Design team!

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