Canvas Scheduler Tool

The Instructional Design team recently received the following message from faculty member Jacqueline Pastis in the Religion department. Jacqueline was one of the first faculty members that we have heard from that is using Canvas’s Scheduler tool to set up and manage meetings with students.


With help from our marvelous Instructional Design folks, I am now using Scheduler through Canvas’s Calendar tool to set up student appointments. It is so efficient and easy, once you get the hang of it.

I create a new appointment group, “Paper 1 Conferences,” then set the length of appointments and time/day. Once I publish the calendar, students automatically receive emails telling them of the appointment slots. When a student selects an appointment I automatically receive email notification.

I am thrilled with the application! Give it a try!

We’re so happy that this Canvas feature is making Jacqueline’s life a little easier!

Do you find it tedious or challenging to manage office hours or conferences with students? You can learn more about Canvas’s Scheduler tool from our Faculty Guide to Canvas, or you can speak with an Instructional Designer about using this tool for your courses!

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