Canvas Updates for April 4, 2015

The Canvas system releases updates about every three weeks. Whenever these updates include exciting new functionality for the La Salle University community or if these updates will significantly change your workflows, we will post about them on the 1900 blog.

The following changes will apply as of April 4, 2015.


Student access to files can be managed from within the modules area.

This is a feature that many Canvas users have been requesting for a long time and one that I am particularly excited about! Instructors can now manage the files that students can see directly from the modules area by clicking on the cloud icon. This includes unpublishing files and setting availability dates. Previously, file access could only be managed from the Files area which was confusing for those that post a lot of files within modules.

Cloud icons allow files to be unpublished, published, or restricted by date.
Click on the cloud icon to unpublish, publish, or restrict files by date.


The text editor has been updated, including better tools for using tables.

Tables are a great tool for formatting your Canvas pages just the way you want them and making sure that your images and text are aligned properly. It’s now easier than ever to build and modify tables in Canvas. Click on the table icon shown below to add tables to your pages.

Updated text editor in Canvas has more tools for using tables
The updated text editor in Canvas has more tools for using tables.

Also, for those that are familiar with HTML, you can now see the HTML elements for selected content below the text editor window. This can be helpful when making formatting changes to your content.


Only instructors can see the creation date for discussions.

This will be a welcome change for any instructors that copy discussion questions between semesters. Previously, students could see the creation date of the discussion. Now that information is only available to instructors and can help eliminate potential confusion about when the discussion was posted and whether it was intended for the current class.

Only instructors can see the date that a discussion was created.
Only instructors can see the date that a discussion was created.


The SpeedGrader iOS app has a new design.

The SpeedGrader iOS app provides an easy way for instructors to grade student work from an iPad. There is also an Android version. Instructors can use the app to assess work that students submitted to Canvas, which includes posting comments and annotations, grading with Canvas rubrics, leaving grades, and sharing feedback with students. Everything that is graded with the app is automatically updated on Canvas.

Speedgrader iOS app screenshot from Instructure's SpeedGrader 2.0 Release Notes
Speedgrader iOS app screenshot from Instructure’s SpeedGrader 2.0 Release Notes


You can review the full list of updates from Canvas’s March 14, April 4, and SpeedGrader (iOS) 2.0 Release Notes.

Contact the Instructional Design team if you have any questions about these updates!

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