New UpdatesThe Canvas system releases updates about every three weeks. Whenever these updates include exciting new functionality for the La Salle University community or if these updates will significantly change your workflows, we will post about them on the 1900 blog.

The following changes took effect on Saturday, September 27.


The global Assignments link was removed from the top level menu.

The global assignments link will be removed from the top level menu.
Previously, the Assignments link on the Global Navigation menu allowed students to view all of their assignments across all of their Canvas courses. However, some Canvas schools found that this prevented students from viewing their assignments within the context of the other materials that the instructor had posted. To fix this, the Assignments link was removed from the Global Navigation menu. Students can still access the Assignments link on the course menu (unless it has been hidden by the instructor).

For users that are interested in seeing a summary of upcoming assignments and events across all their courses, they can navigate to the Agenda view of the Calendar.

Agenda view of the Canvas calendar


Instructors will receive an emailed copy of course announcements.

Instructors can now set a new notification preference that allows them to receive an emailed copy of all announcements they create. If students are allowed to respond to announcements, this notification preference also sends notifications to the instructor about announcement replies.

Annoucement Created By You


Subtle changes were made to Canvas’s overall design.

Canvas made some subtle changes to the design of the global menu and the course level menu. These changes help to make the system more accessible to those that rely on screen readers and improve the overall design of the system.

You may notice that the dividing lines have been removed from the course menu items and that some of the background colors have been changed.

New Canvas UI


You can review the full list of updates from Canvas’s 09/27/14 Production Release Notes. Contact the Instructional Design team if you have any questions about these updates!

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