Three Easy Ways to Capture Course Content

PowerPoint 2010

If you tend to use a lot of PowerPoint presentations in class, consider recording narration directly into PowerPoint.  Creating recordings this way gives you more opportunities to edit content.  You can even turn your narrated presentation into a movie.  This video walks you through the steps.


Though technically a web conferencing tool, Wimba provides another way to record chunks of content.  When you archive a presentation, you capture audio along with your slides.  If you choose to use the Share Application button, you can also record your actions on the screen.  Archived Wimba sessions are automatically made into MP4s that can be placed directly into a Blackboard course.  Not sure why you might want to choose one over the other?  View Tegrity vs. Wimba for a quick tour of recording with both tools.


This tool captures audio along with everything you do on your screen.  Because Tegrity is integrated with Blackboard, it provides a quick and easy way for you link recorded content with your course.  You can record live lectures or chunks of content for classes to view any time. Currently, we have seven rooms outfitted with many of the resources you need to record a live lecture:

Benilde 1144
Benilde 2241
Benilde 3338
Benilde 4448
College Hall 204
Holroyd 190
Olney 125

If you’d rather record chunks of content outside of class time, all you need is a microphone and the Tegrity recorder.  Installing the Tegrity recorder is easy, and you can add it to any computer on which you have administrator privileges.

  • Enter your course in Blackboard.
  • Click on the Tegrity Classes link in your course menu.
  • Click on Record a Class, then follow the download instructions.

Once you have the recorder installed, open all the applications or files you’d like to show, take a deep breath, and hit the Record a Class button.

*Please note: our Tegrity subscription will be discontinued on June 1, 2013.

Other Tools

If these three methods of capture aren’t appealing to you, give Jing, Screenr, or CamStudio a try.  If you’d rather record activity in your course, consider heading to Multimedia Services and checking out a camera.

If you have extensive notes in your PowerPoint and aren’t interested in going through the process of recording audio, HelloSlide might be for you.  This tool creates narrated slides using text and a PDF of your presentation. Here’s an example of the narration HelloSlide provides: