Add Your Voice to Your Course with Free Audio Recording Tools

We live in a text-heavy world. Emails pile up in our inbox that beg to be read. Many of us are often scanning news articles, webpages, and Google search results, or else we are contributing to our own documents or other projects.  And even when we get up and walk around, our phones will ping […]

Importing Ready-To-Use Rubrics into Blackboard

We’ve recently been posting a lot about rubrics, including why you might want to use them in Blackboard and how to build your own rubrics. If you wanted to get started with rubrics right away, you may want to explore some of the ready-to-use rubrics from Blackboard. These rubrics have been collated from their Exemplary […]

New Blackboard Features for Summer 2013

Blackboard has released a few new features in time for the Summer semester. These updates will make it easier for you to grade students’ work, use the discussion boards, monitor your students’ performance, and communicate key dates. You will be able to access each of these features by May 17, 2013. Click on the tabs […]