Blackboard Closure Timeline

Members of the Faculty, I appreciate all of your efforts rebuilding or transferring your Blackboard courses into Canvas for the Fall 2014 term. Now that we’re at mid-semester, I’d like to remind you that our access to Blackboard will be ending in a few short months. Blackboard Closure Timeline October 21 (mid-semester holiday): Students will […]

Canvas Updates for September 27, 2014

The Canvas system releases updates about every three weeks. Whenever these updates include exciting new functionality for the La Salle University community or if these updates will significantly change your workflows, we will post about them on the 1900 blog. The following changes took effect on Saturday, September 27.   The global Assignments link was removed from the top […]

Join the Online Faculty Guide to Keep Canvas Resources at Your Fingertips

Have you recently checked out our Faculty Guide to Canvas ( We regularly add new information and tutorials to this online resource to address common Canvas questions. In addition to covering the basics of communicating with your students through Canvas and building course content, we have also added information on using Turnitin and taking attendance with the Roll Call tool. […]

Canvas Makes It Easy to Manage Meetings with Students!

The Instructional Design team recently received the following message from faculty member Jacqueline Pastis in the Religion department. Jacqueline was one of the first faculty members that we have heard from that is using Canvas’s Scheduler tool to set up and manage meetings with students. [pullquote] With help from our marvelous Instructional Design folks, I am now […]