Fall Workshops to Expand Your Canvas Courses

This fall the buzz around campus has been our new learning management system, Canvas. If you are still shaking off the sand from this summer’s beach vacation and haven’t explored Canvas yet, don’t worry! The Instructional Design team has a diverse line-up of fall workshops planned to help faculty and staff take advantage of the […]

Publishing Courses in Canvas

One big difference between Canvas and Blackboard is that instructors must publish their Canvas courses before students will be able to access them. In Blackboard, courses would become automatically available at the start of the semester, but in Canvas it is up to individual instructors to determine when their courses are ready for students to review the content. Don’t […]

Building from Scratch in Canvas vs. Importing Content from Blackboard

Are you unsure about how to move your course content from Blackboard into Canvas? In most cases, the instructional design team recommends that you start from scratch in Canvas, but since every course is different, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Before you start clicking around in an LMS, check out the chart below for some […]