An Introductory Video on Flipping Your Class

You may have recently read or heard a lot about “flipping the class.” The basic idea behind flipping your class is presenting some content to your students outside of class time (often through recorded audio or videos). As a result, you can spend your in-class time together working on activities that allow your students to […]

Editing Your Videos and Computer Demos

There are many great (and free) tools out there for capturing your computer screen so that you can record videos for your students. These tools allow you to capture pre-recorded lectures, whiteboard explanations, software demonstrations, or other online activities. Sherri provides a great list of these tools in her posts on Building Online Presentations and […]

Building Online Presentations

When students present online they do more than demonstrate their mastery of a subject; they also showcase their technical abilities.  Because the tools students use can vary, it’s important for instructors to decide upon the delivery format before assigning the presentation.  For example, would you like students to be able to attend a “live” session, […]