Do You Really Understand What a Bond Is?: An Activity for Starting the Semester

The following blog post is written by Joshua Buch, Professor of Finance. We would love to hear from more faculty and instructors on the Educational Technology blog! Email the Instructional Design team if you would like to share new or effective things you are trying in the classroom, recommend tools that help you teach or be more […]

GoToTraining Issues and Recommendations

Due to some current issues with a recent update to GoToTraining, I would like to share a few recommendations that will minimize any problems for you and your students as you wrap up your Spring classes and prepare for the Summer semester. 1. Encourage your students to use Chrome as their browser for any GoToTraining […]

Technology As a Lens for Reflective Practice

Have you ever found yourself on auto-pilot when grading stacks of student papers or hastily replying to discussion board posts on Canvas? No matter what the task is, stepping back and looking at what we’re doing with a critical eye can be difficult when we’re in the zone and focused. Often the rigors of teaching […]

La Salle Faculty Share Creative Approaches to Assessment

  I had the privilege of attending Wednesday’s Faculty Coffee Circle on creative ways to assess student learning, which was organized by Tara Carr-Lemke, Director of The Explorer Connection, and facilitated by LeeAnn Cardaciotto, Psychology Department. The attending faculty members discussed their successes with assignments that get students to keep up with course requirements, demonstrate higher level thinking, actively […]

Canvas Makes It Easy to Manage Meetings with Students!

The Instructional Design team recently received the following message from faculty member Jacqueline Pastis in the Religion department. Jacqueline was one of the first faculty members that we have heard from that is using Canvas’s Scheduler tool to set up and manage meetings with students. [pullquote] With help from our marvelous Instructional Design folks, I am now […]