Need to keep your Wimba Classroom archives?

If you’ve used a Wimba Classroom to capture guest speakers, demonstrate problems, or narrate presentations, it’s time to grab that content! It’s easy to download archived sessions so that you have access to them once Wimba retires in January 2014. Saving Your Sessions The first step is to find the archives you want to save. […]

Importing Ready-To-Use Rubrics into Blackboard

We’ve recently been posting a lot about rubrics, including why you might want to use them in Blackboard and how to build your own rubrics. If you wanted to get started with rubrics right away, you may want to explore some of the ready-to-use rubrics from Blackboard. These rubrics have been collated from their Exemplary […]

Introduction to Rubrics in Blackboard

Why Use Rubrics? Well-crafted rubrics can be a very helpful tool for grading your students’ work. Benefits of rubrics include: Time savings – Because feedback is standardized to specific criteria, you don’t need to generate original responses for each student’s work. Better projects and papers – If provided ahead of time, rubrics help students to […]