The Benefits of Adding Publisher Content to Your Blackboard Courses

It is now a common practice for textbook publishers to develop electronic resources to complement their textbooks. These resources often include comprehension questions or quizzes, electronic versions of the text, PowerPoint slides, learning games and activities, and videos, among other materials. The value of these materials is greatly enhanced when they can be effectively integrated […]

Add Your Voice to Your Course with Free Audio Recording Tools

We live in a text-heavy world. Emails pile up in our inbox that beg to be read. Many of us are often scanning news articles, webpages, and Google search results, or else we are contributing to our own documents or other projects.  And even when we get up and walk around, our phones will ping […]

Have You Considered a Public Facing Website for Your Course?

When students in Dr. John Beatty’s Online Journalism course enter the job market, potential employers will expect to see portfolios filled with evidence suggesting that these recent grads are worth hiring. Thanks to Dr. Beatty’s thoughtful instructional approach and use of a public facing course website, students in COM-356/ENG-402 will be all the more connected […]

Blackboard Webinar Recording: Tips and Tricks for Utilizing Video and Media

Today I stumbled upon a few recorded webinars that were a part of Blackboard’s Innovative Teaching Series for 2012. Quite a few of them might be interesting to the La Salle community, but I started by watching Session #3: Tips and Tricks for Utilizing Video and Media in Your Course, presented by Julie Rorabaugh from […]