Improving Digital Communication Between Faculty and Students: Takeaways from the Explorer Café session

Last week’s Explorer Café, entitled Did You Read My Email? Managing Expectations in a Digital Environment, focused on how faculty and students prefer to communicate outside of class time. Inspired by a series of poll questions that were posted to the myLasalle portal last Spring, this session featured a dialogue between students, faculty, and staff […]

Social Media: A Currency for Ideas

Exposure to numerous ideas and the ability to evaluate contrasting points of view is a hallmark of an educated person. In today’s world, ideas zoom around at the lightning pace of electrons, yet many educational models still attempt to produce critical thinkers at the speed of watched pots slow to boil. The reality is that […]

How Higher Education Faculty Are Using Social Media

Is social media the next big tool for the classroom or just a distraction for personal use? In October 2012 Pearson Learning Solutions and the Babson Survey Research Group released a study titled Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Facebook: How Today’s Higher Education Faculty Use Social Media that provides a glimpse into the changing social media […]

Storify: An Event and News Archiving Tool For Your Class

The IT Team recently came across a tool called Storify that has some interesting potential for academic use. This tool allows you to quickly aggregate content from across the web and add your own context using captions and sequencing. Storify makes it easily to pull in content from Google searches as well as social media […]

Live Blog: How To Get Fired In 140 Characters Or Less

We did “live blog” coverage of the Explorer Cafe session on February 22, 2012 on How To Get Fired In 140 Characters Or Less, presented by MarySheila McDonald and Ed Nickerson. Check out some of the key points from the session below. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to read the notes chronologically.