A Mid-semester review of iPad Technology in the Clinic

The graduate students in the Speech-Language-Hearing Science Program who have been using the iPad in treatment in our clinics have provided a brief mid-semester summary of her experience with the iPad during therapy.  Their clients and patients present with various communication disorders.  They describe how they use the device and the patient’s response to the […]

A Patient Finds a Voice after a Bumpy Road

Here’s another brief summary of that status of one of our patients using the iPad.  This is an entry from  Tara Brons, a first semester graduate student working with Renee: Renee has been slowly, but surely, becoming more accustomed to the iPad. She was very excited about using it, but initially had trouble with the […]

Exploring iPad

Here’s a clinical note from one of our graduate students using the iPad with a dysarthric patient.  Dysarthria  is a speech disorder due to muscle weakness, typically a result of stroke or another type of brain injury: Torrey is continuing to successfully use the IPad in our therapy sessions. During our last therapy session, he was […]

Our first success!

Here’s a report about our first patient user supplied by Molly O’Sullivan, the student clinician treating him in therapy. Torrey is a 25 year old male who attends our clinic.  He had his first experience using the IPad as an AAC device this past week.  He was able to communicate his thoughts during therapy using the Proloquo […]