Is it Phishing?

Even with the best filters, phishing emails still end up in our inbox.  How can you tell what’s legitimate?  This short video provides five simple questions you can ask to determine if it’s phishing. [youtube] This image provides an illustration of phishing in action.

Building Online Presentations

When students present online they do more than demonstrate their mastery of a subject; they also showcase their technical abilities.  Because the tools students use can vary, it’s important for instructors to decide upon the delivery format before assigning the presentation.  For example, would you like students to be able to attend a “live” session, […]

Tools for Getting and Giving Feedback

This academic year, I have had the chance to participate in the Graduate Faculty Reading Group. This group of dedicated faculty reads book selections related to teaching at the graduate level and then we meet about once a month to discuss the book as well as general teaching practices and techniques. This semester we are […]

Introduction to Windows Live SkyDrive

Editor’s note: As of February 20, 2014, SkyDrive is now called OneDrive and the free storage available has been reduced to 7 GB. Check out this post for more information. What is SkyDrive? 25 GB of free online storage available to La Salle faculty, staff and students. It works best with Microsoft Office files (Word, […]

Three Easy Ways to Capture Course Content

PowerPoint 2010 If you tend to use a lot of PowerPoint presentations in class, consider recording narration directly into PowerPoint.  Creating recordings this way gives you more opportunities to edit content.  You can even turn your narrated presentation into a movie.  This video walks you through the steps. Wimba Though technically a web conferencing tool, […]