Reflections from the 2015 Summer Technology Institute

Did you miss the 2015 Summer Technology Institute last week? Don’t worry it is not too late to find out what learning took place! We asked participants to write down some of their takeaways at different points throughout the day. Read on to see what common themes emerged for the attendees and check out the […]

Summer Technology Institute 2015 Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended the Summer Technology Institute on May 20, 2015! It was a great day for faculty and staff to collaborate on ways to improve teaching and learning through technology here at La Salle. In the Creating a Structure to Engage Students and Improve Learning session, Preston Feden (Education) discussed the concept […]

Using Canvas Data to Identify At-Risk Students and Gaps in Course Design

Here at La Salle, we carry an institutional mission to promote student success through a practical approach to the educational process. Just as St. John Baptiste de La Salle choose to teach his students in their native language of French when most schools at the time were teaching in Latin, today we still strive to […]

Engage & Interact with Nearpod

In today’s classrooms, students as well as instructors come into class attached to their smart phones, tablets, and laptops. As an instructor, have you ever considered integrating these mobile technologies into your classroom lectures for a more responsive and engaging experience? Today’s post will introduce Nearpod, a free, all-in-one application and teaching tool that not […]

Snow in the Forecast? Canvas can help keep things going!

You can use Canvas as a way to keep students engaged in your course, even if you can’t meet face-to-face. Come to one of our Snow Days Solutions workshops to pick up┬ásome tips and techniques for keeping your course on track. In both workshops, we’ll discuss ways to use Announcements, Discussions, and Pages to keep […]