Thinking about incorporating videos in your courses?

Consider writing a script before you start recording. Taking a bit of time to plan out what you’ll say helps you create better videos and, believe it or not, will save you time. Really! How does scripting help you create better videos?  Scripts help you sound more professional, as they help you eliminate the “ums” […]

Creating a Treasure Map for our Explorers using CANVAS Modules

  Thirty years ago, my freshman Calculus professor let our class in on the closely-held secret to writing a new Calculus text and I would like to share it with you here. Secure a very lucrative advance from a publisher Place all of your free examination copies of recent Calculus texts into a box Book […]

Need a spell checker while working in Canvas?

Browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer have built-in spell checking capabilities. This is really handy if you’re adding content to the rich content editor in Canvas or composing messages in your browser. As you type, a red squiggly line appears beneath a misspelled word. Right clicking on the word often provides a menu […]