Need to keep your Wimba Classroom archives?

If you’ve used a Wimba Classroom to capture guest speakers, demonstrate problems, or narrate presentations, it’s time to grab that content! It’s easy to download archived sessions so that you have access to them once Wimba retires in January 2014. Saving Your Sessions The first step is to find the archives you want to save. […]

Wimba Users: Important information for minimizing technical issues

If you are a frequent Wimba user, then you are likely aware that Wimba relies on a free software called Java to run. In order for you and your students to be able to talk, chat, and view slides, you must be on the latest version of Java. Java has recently had to release a […]

Supporting Collaboration in Your Face-to-Face Class

Many tools essential to fostering student collaboration in the online and hybrid environments are also useful for supporting collaboration in the face-to-face environment. Most of the tools mentioned here are Blackboard-based, meaning neither you nor the students have to sign up for an account (and remember yet another password). Class Discussions Even though students often […]