New Feature: Blackboard Collaborate Course Rooms

If you’re using Blackboard Collaborate this spring, you may have noticed that you now have a Launch Room button at the top of your Blackboard Collaborate page. Clicking on this button puts you into a web-conference “room” that’s always open for both instructors and students. This room is great for impromptu meetings with students or for conducting office hours. You could even edit the room’s settings to allow all users to be moderators, giving students a place to work together.


However, if you’ve scheduled sessions, students might be tempted to click on the Launch Room button at the top of the page instead of the scheduled session link found below the course room’s button.

You have many options for reducing confusion for students. You could, for example,

  • use the Announcements tool to remind students how to access the session;
  • remove the course name from the scheduled session’s title; or
  • shorten the room’s name by clicking on Edit Room.

If you don’t care for the course room and only want scheduled sessions to appear, you can turn off that option for your course. Here’s how:

1. Head to your Control Panel and click on Customization.
2. Choose Tool Availability from the list.
3. Scroll down to Blackboard Collaborate Course Room.
4. Uncheck the box under the Available column and then click the Submit button to save your changes.


Want to know more about Blackboard Collaborate? Check out these resources or contact any member of the ID team at