Audience? Check. Great content? Check. Imagery to support your content? Eh, where do I get some of that?
There are many ways of finding images for your content. You could just search on Google or Bing.  But who owns those images and what if you only need part of an image?  No money for stock photos?  Don’t have PhotoShop?  No problem.

A great source for royalty free images is stock.xchng.    They’re also associated with Getty Images, so there are options to purchase images as well.  But you can usually find something that works in the free section.   stock.xchnge is usually my first stop when I need an image.

Now that you have a few images, you’ll probably want to re-size or crop them.  You can do this on the web; no software needed.

Cut My Pic will let you upload, crop, and add a drop shadow (if desired) to any picture.  You can then download it for use.  It takes three steps and wins big for doing one thing really well.

If you need to re-size your image and/or crop it, is probably for you.  There’s a little more power, but still a clean and simple interface.

Once you’ve got your images, add them to your content and you’re in good shape.   And yes, the image in this post is from stock.xchng and was re-sized at

Additional resources can be found at smashing apps.

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