In today’s classrooms, students as well as instructors come into class attached to their smart phones, tablets, and laptops. As an instructor, have you ever considered integrating these mobile technologies into your classroom lectures for a more responsive and engaging experience?

Today’s post will introduce Nearpod, a free, all-in-one application and teaching tool that not only has the ability to transform your every day presentations into an interactive lesson, but can also assess and measure your students’ knowledge and comprehension of the materials presented.


Image courtesy of © 2015 Nearpod™.
Image courtesy of © 2015 Nearpod™.


Nearpod provides instructors the ability to develop, build, and customize their presentations on their desktop platform. Instructors do not have to recreate their existing PowerPoint presentations from the ground up; they can simply upload their current PowerPoint files onto Nearpod’s desktop site and build from there.

Once the presentation is ready to be delivered, the instructor has the power to push out and broadcast the instructional content to their student’s mobile devices as well as maintain full control of the presentation via their desktop or mobile application. The presentations can be accessed by students just about anywhere so as long as they have an internet connection, a browser, and/or the Nearpod app downloaded to their device.

How It Works

Please watch the following video to get a better idea of how Nearpod works:


Some of Nearpod’s best features include:

  • Interactive Activities
    Within each presentation, the instructor has the option to include a variety of activities. By implementing the available activities, students can actively engage with the material being presented, and the instructor will be able to gauge and assess their students in real-time. Interactive activity options include:

    • Open-Ended Question
    • Poll
    • Quiz
    • Draw It
    • Fill in the Blanks
    • Matching Pairs
  • Session Reporting Data
    Instructors will be able to revisit and access specific sessions to review collected data and student engagement details as well as download a PDF copy for future reference.
  • Free Presentation Templates
    Nearpod provides users with a large set of “Top Free” presentation templates that instructors can include as part of their own presentation or simply use the templates as inspiration to their own.


Try It For Free

Are you interested in trying out Nearpod in your classroom? If so, click here to sign up for a “Silver” account which provides you with up to 50mb of storage and up to 30 students per each live session.

More Information

For more information regarding this cool instructional tool, please visit Nearpod’s website or contact the Instructional Design Team with questions or assistance with setting up Nearpod for your classroom.