Exploring iPad

Here’s a clinical note from one of our graduate students using the iPad with a dysarthric patient.  Dysarthria  is a speech disorder due to muscle weakness, typically a result of stroke or another type of brain injury:

Torrey is continuing to successfully use the IPad in our therapy sessions. During our last therapy session, he was able to tell me about a published novel that he wrote himself through use of the IPad. We also attempted to use the IPad as a timer for diaphragmatic breathing exercises. The IPad did not seem to be as useful for this task. I was not able to get two consecutive timers running at the same time which was what I was hoping for. Therefore, I had to verbally count for the inhale breath and used the timer to count down the exhale breath. 

This clinical note demonstrates how the students and their patients are adjusting and exploring the iPad for optimizing and facilitating functional communication.

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