An Introductory Video on Flipping Your Class

You may have recently read or heard a lot about “flipping the class.” The basic idea behind flipping your class is presenting some content to your students outside of class time (often through recorded audio or videos). As a result, you can spend your in-class time together working on activities that allow your students to deepen or extend their understanding of the topic, like practice problems, group discussions, or hands-on projects.

This Fall, the Instructional Design team is offering two workshops on some tools you can use to flip your class, or just create instructional videos. There are still spots open if you want to register to join us!

Flip Your Class, Part 1:  Using PowerPoint and SkyDrive 
Date:  October 11
Location: Olney 101
Click here to sign up for Flip Your Class, Part 1

Flip Your Class, Part 2:  Screencasting 
Date:  October 18
Location:  Olney 101
Click here to sign up for Flip Your Class, Part 2

The following video is meant to give workshop attendees an introduction to the flipped class model and some tips for setting up their content for this approach. But, you may find this information useful even if you can’t make the workshops.

If you can’t make the workshops, let Jessica or Sherri know if you want to learn more about flipping the classroom or creating video lectures for your students.

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