Getting Started with iPads in SLH

Today I met with John Caputo to learn how to blog about our upcoming experience with the Apple iPad in our clinics.  We will be using these iPads as AAC (alternative and augmentative communication) devices for people with communication disorders.  We have selected 5 patient types:  2 brain-injured patients; 1 stroke patient who is already using a traditional device and one that is much more expensive; one child with a communication disorder who will use it as part of the therapeutic approach; and 1 child who will use it strictly as a reinforcer.  We will institute the program in the Fall semester.  We will have 30 graduate students working in our clinic and 5 of them will be selected to be part of the iPad program.  They will be required to evaluate their subjective experience with the iPad as a therapy tool and also how they felt about using it personally.  If any of the patients are able, they will be asked to complete a questionnaire as well, designed to assess their experience with the device.  The data will be collected and evaluated for further use.

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