Want to incorporate images? Getty Images makes it a bit easier!

According to this post from The Verge, Getty Images now makes it easier for you to use some images from their collection. Currently, select images allow you to embed the image, free of watermarks, with attribution already built in.

Here’s how to get started:

First, search Getty Images¬†for an image you’d like to use. In your search results, hover over the image with your pointer and look for the embed code icon. Click on the icon, and then copy the code.

Next, head to your course in Blackboard and go to where you’d like to include the image, such as an item, folder, or discussion thread. Click on the HTML button, paste in your code, and then click submit.

Steps for embedding an image from Getty Images.

If you’d like more detailed instructions, check out Getty Images Help Center. You’re also welcome to contact any member of the Instructional Design team for assistance embedding content.

Curious if this works in Canvas?

It does! Just create or edit a page, click on HTML Editor and paste in the embed code.