GoToTraining Issues and Recommendations

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Due to some current issues with a recent update to GoToTraining, I would like to share a few recommendations that will minimize any problems for you and your students as you wrap up your Spring classes and prepare for the Summer semester.

1. Encourage your students to use Chrome as their browser for any GoToTraining sessions.

GoToTraining sessions are now able to launch entirely in the web browser which means that students do not need to download the desktop application to access GoToTraining sessions. However, users have reported problems when using the browser-based tool with Firefox. Chrome is currently the best browser option for launching GoToTraining sessions.

2. If your students will need to present during the session, inform them that they must use the desktop application for GoToTraining.

Many instructors like to have students present their work to their classmates. If you will be asking students to share their screen, they will have to be connected to the session from the desktop application. Students can switch from the browser version by clicking on the flower icon on the right side control panel shown below. It is best to do this at the start of the session to minimize disruptions. 

Click the flower icon to open the GoToTraining application from your desktop
Click the flower icon to open the GoToTraining application from your desktop

3. If students have audio issues, remind them that they can call into the session from their phones.

The telephone access information is available in the browser application by clicking on the gear icon on the control panel. In the desktop version, this setting can be found on the control panel under the section for Audio. Note that this will be billed a long distance call. 

4. Citrix support is available 24/7 by contacting (888) 259-8414 or visiting

You can learn more about the GoToTraining updates from a recent post in the 1900 Educational Technology blog. You can also contact the Instructional Design team if you have additional questions about the GoToTraining updates.

I hope this information helps you to have stress-free and productive online sessions as the Spring semester comes to an end!

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