We’ve recently been posting a lot about rubrics, including why you might want to use them in Blackboard and how to build your own rubrics.

If you wanted to get started with rubrics right away, you may want to explore some of the ready-to-use rubrics from Blackboard. These rubrics have been collated from their Exemplary Course Award winners and made available to the larger Blackboard community.

These rubrics can be downloaded from Blackboard.com and imported directly into your course. You can use them as is, or adapt them to meet your specific needs. Currently there are rubrics for discussion boards, group blogs, writing assignments, and student proposals.

How to Import Rubrics from Blackboard

To import the rubrics into your Blackboard course, click the Download link for any of the rubrics you are interested in from Blackboard.com.

Click on the download button next to the rubric you are interested in.
Click on the download link next to any of the rubrics you are interested in.
Rubrics Under Course Tools
You can manage your rubrics from the Course Tools menu.

You will be prompted to save the rubric to a zip file. Save it somewhere on your computer where you can easily find it. Don’t extract or unzip the file. Leave it as a zip file.

Then, head over to your Blackboard course. Scroll down to your Control Panel. Look under Course Tools and click for the link to Rubrics.

Click on the Import Rubric button at the top of the page.

Import Rubric Button


Then, click the Browse My Computer button to search for the rubric zip file that you saved on your computer.   Once you click Submit to import the file, it may take up to 5 minutes to process. Leave the page up on Blackboard and don’t click anywhere else on the screen until you see a screen called Rubric Import Result. This page should confirm that the rubric has been imported successfully. Then, click Ok.

You should now see the imported rubric in your Blackboard course. Hover your mouse over the rubric and click the drop down menu to open, edit, or delete it.

Use the drop down menus to open, edit, or delete your rubrics.
Use the drop down menus to open, edit, or delete your rubrics.

To use the rubric for grading, you need to first associate it with a gradable item in your course (such as an assignment, blog, or discussion board). This video walks through that process.

Other Uses of the Import Rubric Feature

You can use the Import Rubric functionality to make use of the same rubrics across courses or semesters. You can also use it to share rubrics among colleagues. This may be helpful for those that teach related subjects or different sections of the same course.

Export rubrics to use them in other courses.
Export rubrics to use them in other courses.

In order to import rubrics, they first need to be exported as a zip file. This can be done from the Rubrics link under Course Tools.

Click the checkboxes next to the rubric(s) that you want to export and then click the Export button at the top of the page.

Make sure the option is selected to Export to a Local Computer. Then, click Submit.

Finally, click the Download button when prompted. The download may take a few minutes to process, but you should be prompted to save the zip file somewhere on your computer.

Download Button

Don’t extract or unzip the file you download. If you leave it as a zip file, you or any other Blackboard user that you send this file to will be able to import it into their Blackboard course.

This PDF reviews the process of importing and exporting rubrics in Blackboard.

If you run into problems or have any questions about importing or exporting rubrics, contact a member of the ID Team.

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  1. Jess:

    Any particular ones (downloadable rubrics) that you have checked out, and would recommend?


    1. Ed – From the Blackboard rubrics, I like the second discussion board rubric by Professor Pelter. The rubric for blogs is a good start, but I’d probably adapt this a little and go into slightly more detail based on the assignment. The blog rubric is also intended for group work, but could easily be reworded for an individual blogging assignment. If you are looking for rubrics, I also have one or two others that I can email you.

      – Jess

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