Have you recently checked out our Faculty Guide to Canvas (https://lasalle.instructure.com/courses/112)? We regularly add new information and tutorials to this online resource to address common Canvas questions. In addition to covering the basics of communicating with your students through Canvas and building course content, we have also added information on using Turnitin and taking attendance with the Roll Call tool.

You can enroll in this Faculty Guide, which will automatically add this course to your list of Canvas courses and allow you to reference it at any time. To enroll, click the Join this Course button from the Home screen (shown below).

Click the Join this Course button to add the Faculty Guide to Canvas to your list of Canvas courses


Contact the Instructional Design team if you have any feedback about the Faculty Guide or if there are any topics that you think we should add! We are also happy to do custom workshops on Canvas or any other educational technology.


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