If you’ve used a Wimba Classroom to capture guest speakers, demonstrate problems, or narrate presentations, it’s time to grab that content! It’s easy to download archived sessions so that you have access to them once Wimba retires in January 2014.

Saving Your Sessions

The first step is to find the archives you want to save. Click on the Wimba Classroom link in your course to access the archive list. If you have trouble locating your archived sessions, please contact any member of the Instructional Design Team.


wimba mp4 download dialogue boxNext, click on the MP4 button in the Download column. You’ll see a box that lets you know your content is being generated. Click on OK to close the dialogue box, wait a minute or two, and then click on the MP4 button again to put the file in your Downloads folder.

Even though your file is now saved to your computer, the Downloads folder isn’t in the safest place for storing content long term. Consider saving your files to your P drive or in the cloud. If you’re not sure how to get started, check out this post by Jessica. You’ll find a step by step guide for safely storing your content as well as advice on developing good file naming practices.

Reusing Your Sessions

If you plan to share your archived content with students, you can upload the MP4 files it to a video hosting site such as YouTube or Vimeo. Both sites make it easy for students to watch your video from any device. These site also allow you to share content through a link or by embedding the video right in your Blackboard course (here’s how). Before uploading your content, check to make sure no student information (such as attendee names) are visible in your newly created MP4 file.

Currently, YouTube limits the length of the video to 15 minutes (unless you follow these steps) and Vimeo limits the size of the videos you upload to 500MB per week (unless you go with Plus or Pro accounts).

If you have questions about either of these resources, would like to explore other options, or need help downloading your archived Wimba sessions, please feel free to get in touch with any member of the Instructional Design Team.

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