Known Issues with a Recent Upgrade to GoToTraining

GoToTraining LogoGoToTraining, the synchronous web-conferencing tool available to La Salle users in the tools menu of the Portal, has recently implemented a new feature called Instant Join. Instant Join allows session participants to join sessions entirely within their web browsers (Chrome is the recommended browser) instead of downloading and accessing through the GoToTraining desktop app.

There are several advantages with GoToTraining Instant Join, but also some disadvantages and known issues of which La Salle users should be aware. On the plus side, Instant Join is much faster than the desktop app (as the name suggests). It eliminates the need to install software while still allowing you to view the presenter’s screen, connect to the conference audio via your computer’s mic and speakers or via telephone, send chat messages, and mute and unmute yourself.

A downside to Instant Join is that it does not support several features available in the desktop app. Organizers cannot host sessions using the Instant Join app, and attendees can not be promoted to organizer or presenter. Attendees also can’t take control of the presenter’s mouse and keyboard, use drawing tools, or view/share webcams. If you want to use any of these features, there is a button in the Instant Join to switch to the desktop app.

There are also some known issues when using Instant Join with the Firefox browser that La Salle users have been experiencing. For example, the Instant Join prompts users to click an allow mic button which does not appear in the La Salle supported version of Firefox. Some users have experienced issues with not being able to click any of the buttons in Instant Join at all when using Firefox. Until Citrix or Firefox releases an update that addresses these issues, we strongly recommend that you use the Chrome browser with GoToTraining and advise students to do the same. If your users are experiencing audio quality or feedback issues, remember to have everyone who is not speaking mute their computer’s microphone or call in using the telephone.

If you or your students continue to have issues with the GoToTraining Instant Join web app, you can disable it in the Settings of To disable the web app, log in to and then:

  1. Click on Settings in the lefthand navigation menu.
  2. Then, click on the Instant Join tab, and uncheck the box next to “Enable Instant join for attendees”.
  3. Click Save at the bottom to save your changes. These changes will affect all future sessions, including those you have already scheduled.


For more information, please see the GoToTraining support page for Instant Join or contact the Instructional Design team at Remember if you are having technical difficulties with GoToTraining or any other Citrix product, you can contact Citrix’s 24/7 support at any time.


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