La Salle University is in the early stages of piloting the lecture capture system Tegrity*.  Lecture capture enables classroom courses to be independently recorded by the instructor.  Whatever materials are being presented on the computer and document camera are recorded, as well as audio and video of the instructor.   After the recording is completed, it can be shared on Blackboard at the discretion of the instructor.

The impact on the instructor’s classroom presentation is minimal.   Wearing a lapel microphone and clicking the Tegrity record button in Blackboard are all that is required.  After that, the instructor conducts class in the usual manner.

We’re taking the summer to test the technology and workflow with a handful of instructors.   We will expand to a limited production deployment in the fall, based on the input of our ad hoc lecture capture committee.  This group contains representatives from each school.  Its purpose is to select  rooms to be outfitted with the technology, and set policies and best practices for its use.

We look forward to sharing additional information, including the results of our initial testing, in the coming weeks.

*Please note, the use of Tegrity will be discontinued on June 1, 2013.

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