Making Connections with Artistic Media

Editor’s Note: The following post is an assignment from the La Salle faculty training course Collaboration Online Plus. In this assignment, course participants are tasked with redesigning an face-to-face lesson for the online environment. Please show support to your fellow Lasallians by leaving your feedback on their ideas in the comments section below this post.

This assignment uses a whiteboard in a synchronous learning session. The idea of the exercise is to quiz students in real time on their ability to identify the medium of a work of art by observation. The teacher will open a page with ten images that contain five scrambled pairings of works of art of varying media, e.g. oil on canvas, fresco, marble, wood, ceramic. Each student will be called on to notate on the screen two images of the same medium. Then the class can vote if they are correct and discuss the choices using the chat function. Then the screen can be cleared of the previous student’s notations to clear the way for another student to connect two images.

This will challenge students to develop skills of observation and apply lessons on various standard artistic media from the text. By seeing how others guess it will provide opportunity for exchanges between students in real time and can be continued in a discussion forum for this purpose. Students will be graded on participation.

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  1. Sounds like a fun assignment that would involve the whole. I like the continuation in the discussion board. It might be interesting to do the assignment a second time and have some students pick their own works of art and facilitate while their classmates provide the responses.

  2. Did you develop a pinterest page explicitly for this assignment? Having never used pinterest, I wouldn’t have known that that was an option! Nice work crossing media formats!

  3. Brian:

    Although I am sure this quiz is open book & open computer (in which student’s can Google answers), I get concerned about the possibility of shaming a student who may be struggling the course (via late posts, typo errors in posts, or disconnection to classmates). A public failure could make the student retreat away from the class group. Would the assignment be graded? How can a student who is unsuccessful at the task be aided?


    1. Matthew,
      Thanks for the comment. You are correct that it is an open-book exercise. Students are actually graded simply by participation. I imagined this not as a high pressure situation. It leaves plenty of room for reflection after the assignment in the discussion forum.

  4. Great idea. I can see using an activity like this after the unit on Materials and it is a good way to recap what the students have learned. It might be also fun to turn the tables and have the students come up with the pairings.

  5. This sounds like a great way to use the whiteboard feature!! It also seems like this would be a fun activity that would allow the students to get comfortable with all the features of BB like raising their hand and chat!

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