Looking to connect with your online class quickly and effectively?  Micro-lectures might be the answer.   A micro-lectures is a short (several minutes or less) video that relates to the week’ s online activities.  Couple an assignment with one, and you’ve got a great way to reach your students.

To create a micro-lecture:

  1. List the key concepts you are trying to convey in your regular lecture. That series of phrases will form the core of your micro-lecture.
  2. Write a 15 to 30-second introduction and conclusion. They will provide context for your key concepts.
  3. Record these three elements using a microphone and Web camera. If you want to produce an audio-only lecture, no Webcam is necessary. The finished product should be 60 seconds to three minutes long.
  4. Design an assignment to follow the lecture that will direct students to readings or activities that allow them to explore the key concepts.
  5. Upload the video and assignment to Blackboard.

Additional information on micro-lectures:

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