Monitoring Student Activity in Your Course

There are a few tools within Blackboard that can provide faculty with some details about what their students are accessing in their course.

Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard is a tool that displays the activity of each member of the course, such as days since they last accessed the course, the number of discussion board posts they have created, and a link to view their grades.

To access the Performance Dashboard, go to Control Panel > Evaluation > Performance Dashboard.


Course Reports

Instructors can generate course reports to obtain some statistics about the usage of their course. The Course Reports tool can be accessed by going to Control Panel > Evaluation > Course Reports.






Report types

  • All User Activity Inside Content Areas- See which content areas the students are using the most
  • Course Activity Overview- See when students are most active in the course and how long they spend there
  • Course Coverage Report- Display the Goals coverage for the course (if you are using the Goals tool)
  • Course Performance- Shows how the course performs against a selected set of goals (if you are using the Goals tool)
  • Overall Summary of User Activity- See overall student access to the course and which tools they are using
  • Student Overview for Single Course- See an individual student’s activity within a course
  • User Activity in Forums- See which discussions are most popular
  • User Activity in Groups- Summary of the user activity in the Groups tool

Running Reports

To run a new report, click the actionlink arrow icon next to the report type, and choose Run. Blackboard will ask you to choose a few options, such as the format the report should be in and the time range that the report should include (the options vary on the type of report selected).

The report will take a few minutes to generate. There will be a popup message to alert you when the report is ready.

For more information about accessing and interpreting course reports, please review this video-

Statistics Tracking

Instructors can enable statistics tracking for any items on a content page (files, items, web links, etc.) to see how many times that specific item was viewed and when it was accessed. For example, you may want to see how many times your students have accessed your syllabus, or how many students have reviewed the materials posted for last week’s presentation.

To turn on statistics tracking for a content item, click the actionlink arrow next to the item and choose Statistics Tracking On/Off. Set the tracking to the On setting and click Submit.

To view the statistics tracking report, return to the item’s actionlink menu and choose View Statistics Report. The Content Usage Statistics report page will open, choose Run to generate the report. Select any options (such as the file type and which users should be included) and run the report.

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