Help Students Become More Comfortable with Online Assessments

Students new to online assessments may not know what to expect when they’re required to use Blackboard to take a quiz, submit an assignment, or enter a discussion or blog post. Here are three resources that you can plug into your course to help them along.

Give Students a Practice Quiz
If you don’t have time to build your own custom practice quiz, download this one (it’s a zipped file).

Once you’ve saved it to your computer, head into your Control Panel, click on Course Tools, and choose Tests, Surveys, and Pools. Choose Tests from the list and click on Import Test. Browse your computer for the file and then click Submit.

To make the quiz available in your course, create a link to it in a content area. Using the Assessments action bar, choose Test, click on Practice Test in your list, and then click submit.

Show Students How to Submit an Assignment
Students who have never submitted an assignment through Blackboard may not know that the title of the assignment is actually the link they use to begin their submission. It may be helpful to include instructions on how to submit, along with instructions for completing the task.

This image provides a quick and easy way to demonstrate how to submit the paper and can be included with the assignment’s instructions. Here is an example of using the both the graphic and assignment instructions:
Help Students Use the Text Editor to Submit Discussion, Blog, Journal, or Wiki Posts
Students using any of these tools will spend a lot of time using the Text Editor to post their responses. To help them become comfortable with the options available in the Text Editor, feel free to incorporate this image with your introductory materials.

To make this image smaller, set the width and height in the image options or resize the image by clicking and dragging the border. If you’d like to set the dimensions of the image to be half the size, choose 642×422. If you’d like the image to be a little bigger, try setting the dimensions to963x633.

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