Our first success!

Here’s a report about our first patient user supplied by Molly O’Sullivan, the student clinician treating him in therapy.

Torrey is a 25 year old male who attends our clinic.  He had his first experience using the IPad as an AAC device this past week.  He was able to communicate his thoughts during therapy using the Proloquo Type-to-Speak application since he is unable to express his needs verbally. “This is the best I have spoken in a long time” was one phrase that Torrey spoke through the IPad. This was rewarding to both him and me because a “smile” or” thumbs up”, which might have occurred in the past, does not compare. Torrey and I are both very excited to use the IPad in therapy and see how it can improve our sessions and, more importantly, his ability to communicate his ADL needs.

So it looks as though Molly is headed in the right direction with Torrey.  The iPad that has already brightened his functional communication future.

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