Storify: An Event and News Archiving Tool For Your Class

The IT Team recently came across a tool called Storify that has some interesting potential for academic use.

This tool allows you to quickly aggregate content from across the web and add your own context using captions and sequencing. Storify makes it easily to pull in content from Google searches as well as social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flicker and Instagram.

How could this tool be used in your classroom? Here are a few ideas:

  • Ask students to use Storify to archive and share information from events that they attend virtually or in-person by organizing the tweets, video clips, pictures and relevant background articles on the issues being discussed. You can use the tool in the same way to capture conference sessions for your peers and students.
  • Students can use Storify to create multimedia pro/con lists, showing the different sides and perspectives that people have on key issues.
  • Storify can be used to document a timeline of recent notable news and events related to a topic of study.

To get an idea of how Storify works, check out the example below from the White House. As you can see, you can even embed Storify in your Blackboard course.

Let us know in the comments if you find a good use for Storify in your class! Of course, the Instructional Design team is always available to chat and brainstorm ideas with you for how this and other tools can be used to meet your instructional goals. Just send us (Jessica Morris, Sherri Place or John Caputo) an email!


[View the story “WH Office Hours: Science Fair 2/7/12” on Storify]

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