Taking a look at Canvas and Blackboard

The Academic Computing team continually reviews and assesses the instructional tools we use in order to ensure that what we offer matches the needs of the entire community. We examine trends in technology and education, keeping an eye out for tools that not only provide a better learning experience for students but also allow faculty to run courses with as much flexibility as possible. As part of our normal evaluation process, we continually assess our learning management system, Blackboard.

This semester, we’re taking a deeper look at Blackboard in order to determine if it’s still a good fit for the needs of the faculty and students here at La Salle. As part of this in-depth examination, we’re going to compare it with Canvas, a learning management system from Instructure.

The first stage of this comparison process begins on Wednesday, February 5 February 19 (rescheduled due to bad weather) when representatives from Instructure will be on campus to demonstrate Canvas and answer questions faculty may have. On Tuesday, February 25, representatives from Blackboard will be on campus to demonstrate Blackboard Learn and answer questions faculty may have.

If you’d like to take part in these events, please let us know by signing up for a specific session so that we can get an accurate head count. You are always welcome to drop by even if you do not RSVP.

All sessions will take place in College Hall 207.

Canvas Demonstration (Wednesday, February 19)

Blackboard Demonstration (Tuesday, February 25)

If you have questions about these events or the comparison process, please contact John Caputo.