The IT department is excited to announce the first grant awarded in the Technology Innovation Partnership Program.  James Mancinelli, Director of Clinical Education for Speech-Language-Hearing, will be investigating the utilization of computer-assisted treatment (CAT) techniques with the communicatively impaired pediatric and adult populations.

This project will use the iPad as an augmentative and/or assistive communication device (AAC) for children and/or adults with communication disorders.  The clients/patients will be trained on the general use of the iPad and the therapist will develop menus and submenus to augment or assist them with their communication needs.

The iPad is optimal since it has the swipe technology, which requires less effort on the part of the client/patient; there are myriad applications which the clinician and client can use both therapeutically and for communication purposes outside of the clinical setting; the images are clear; and it can be used for patient/clients who have the ability to formulate sentences or phrases as well as though who cannot.

Regular updates on this project will be presented on this site.


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