Tips for Accessing Canvas From Internet Browsers

If you have begun building course content in Canvas, you may have come across the following error message, which warns you that your browser “does not meet the minimum requirements for Canvas.”


If you are accessing Canvas from a La Salle University computer, you can ignore this message and close it by clicking the “X” to the right of the message. You will be able to use Canvas with the current browser versions that are used on campus. Do not attempt to update your browser on a La Salle University computer as this can cause an error.

If you come across this message when using your personal computer, you can feel free to update your browser to make sure that Canvas and any other websites you use will perform as optimally as possible.

Click the following links to learn more about using Canvas from your devices:

Canvas will be available for all courses this Fall! Contact the Instructional Design team if you would like help with setting up your courses in Canvas!

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