LED Ticker Finding new was to interact with your classroom audience is an ongoing pursuit.   Incorporating technology into that mix usually involves the use of an audience response system via a clicker device, such as iClicker.

Working with Ed Nickerson, CIO and adjunct professor, we’ve developed the LED based Course Ticker system that has an unbridled take on audience participation.   Using their smartphones, students can freely post content (up to 140 characters) to the LED display mounted in the classroom.

CH 409 LED Ticker

This free response capability can be used in a variety of activities such as ice breakers, comments on ethical questions, or controversial viewpoints.   The system is anonymous (unless the participants choose otherwise); which blends some of the introvert empowering aspects of online discussion, into the classroom.


The LED Ticker system was created in partnership with Bright LED Signs.  They supplied the LED displays and the custom API (application programming interface) to allow communication between the LED sign and the Raspberry Pi computer that runs the Ticker application.

The entire system is controlled via a web application accessible by the instructor at ticker.lasalle.edu.

Interesting. I Wanna Try It

The web based version of the Ticker is available at ticker.lasalle.edu.  This will give you the ability to run the ticker in a web browser.  You can resize it to fit in with elements of your presentation.

The LED Ticker is mounted in College Hall 409.   There is a second LED hardware bundle for travel.

Please contact the Instructional Design team at idteam@lasalle.edu for more information.