Given the wide range of functions in Blackboard, there is a lot you can do to engage students, but when it comes to visual appeal, Blackboard can be lacking due to its text-heavy nature. To break up heavy chunks of text and provide some graphical consistency, consider adding icons to regularly occurring items in your Blackboard course.

In the example below, the professor has added colorful visual cues to his weekly folders by adding icons to areas of the course the students will see every week. This strategy is especially useful for online courses where face-to-face communication is limited and students engage primarily with digital content.


If you would like to add icons or other graphics to your Blackboard course, there are several options available. You could use the Flickr mashup option from the content editor to insert photos from the popular photo sharing site, Flickr.


You could also search online for an icon set online that is free to use. There are plenty of icon sets available and many only require that you attribute the designer. Or to make it even easier, the La Salle instructional design team will soon offer an icon set that can be used freely in any La Salle course. See a preview below:

CustomCourseIcons_final If you would like more information about using these icons or adding more engaging graphics to your course, please contact the La Salle ID Team at